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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is A Calcified Granuloma In The Liver Harmful?

Is a calcified granuloma in the liver harmful? Can it become cancerous?

A calcified granuloma located in the liver, known as a hepatic granuloma, indicates it has been there for a significant amount of time. A granuloma can be located anywhere in your body and it consists of built up scar-tissue. Hepatic granulomas can be caused by infection, liver disorders, systemic disorders or drugs and do not typically lead to cancer. Diagnosis of the underlying cause of the granuloma can be achieved through a liver biopsy or through cultures, lab tests, imaging tests and tissue specimens. Karen Krok, MD, is a Penn hepatologist specializing in liver diseases who can evaluate, diagnose and appropriately treat a hepatic granuloma.

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  1. My doctor reported that I have a calcified granuloma in my liver, after I had a CT for complaints of deep pain in my upper right Abdominal quadrant. There is no plan for further investigation. Should there be an effort by my GP to determine the underlying cause of this granuloma?

  2. Hi Pat,I had the same condition and my GP suggest me to see a specialist. S